Yet another Blog

Most of my other blogs are restricted to certain topics, and while my main blog ( is not, I am trying to put only articles with a certain level of quality there.

This blog, on the other hand, is not going to be restricted in any way. I will blog here in English und auf Deutsch and maybe in other languages as well. This blog is for mixed thoughts, notes and fragments, for unfinished, half-baked, nonsensical, ingenious and crazy ideas, for diary entries and whatever interests me at the moment. I might publish several small posts a day or nothing for weeks. I am also going to put copies of comments I made elsewhere here. Some things I put here might not be understandable to others, some other things might be trivial. I don’t know yet.

When I started The Asisfoscope, its content was still “fluctuating”, but bit by bit it stabilized on certain kinds of contents and a certain level of writing. As the community of readers increased, there might be a certain set of expectations now on the side of the readers about what kind of stuff is going to appear there. This is fine, but in a way, it is restricting what I am going to publish there. On this new blog, on the other hand, there will be no restrictions. I will not write here so much with my readers in mind.

So while my other blogs contain my speech bubbles, so to speak, here are my thought bubbles, and here is the bubbling of my thoughts, withouth much order.

File:Thought Bubble Comics.png


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