End of the Week

Just returned to Cologne after a week spent on a programming seminar in Hannover. One of my sisters in law from Cameroon has come to visit us. I am not up to date with anything on wordpress and elsewhere. I spent my afternoons with long walks along Mittellandkanal and in the Eilenriede city forrest. The weather was a bit cool but nice. Not much time for the internet (did you know there is a real world outside the internet? Highly recommendes!). I discovered an excellent Vietnamese restaurant (or maybe rather a snack bar, but anyway, the food was excellent. I think the garum of the ancienct Romans must have been something similar to Vietnamese fish sauce that seems to be one of the secrets behind this nice cuisine. I was just listening to an interesting lecture on the history of east asia on my mp3-player as well (including some chapters on the history of Vietnam).

I like the wide, open sky of northern Germany. It is the kind of landscape I am from. I am not a mountain-person. The mountains are nice, but your gaze hits an obstacle after a short distance. I prefer the flat land. Other people might find it boring. I love it, especially with this kind of weather with small clouds sailing across a blue sky. The Mittellandkanal is also perfect for such weather. Where it crosses the city, there are bridges roughly every 500 meters or so so it is easy to cross to the other side from time to time, and there is a hiking and biking path on each side.

 If you are in a place that is not your normal environment, the time is somehow more intensiv since there are a lot of new and unfamiliar places and things. I had this same experiencce again in Hannover. Later, when you get used to a place, it fades away from attention. Better to change your place from time to time.

(see http://asifoscope.org/2013/09/08/on-scrolls/ and http://asifoscope.org/2015/01/20/turning-the-other-way/ and http://asifoscope.org/2013/05/25/into-the-unknown/ about this topic).

I am tired. I have to go to bed. Heavier thoughts have to wait.


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