Thoughts on the Bandwidth of the Culture/Nature Interface

Every culture seems to have something like an interface with reality. Depending on the culture, this interface has a different bandwidth. The smaller the bandwidth, the more fictional elements the world view of the culture may contain. With the widening of the interface in the process of getting a more complex culture, the fictional elements are pushed aside and at some point, the category of “fiction” is created. Before that, they are myths, now, they turn into fiction.

Our culture as a whole has a very wide interface with reality, with telescopes, microscopes etc. used to increase the bandwidth. Within it, however, subcultures are forming whose bandwidth might even be narrowing, through ideology, denialism, consumerism etc.

The high bandwidth of the scientific culture is only possible on the basis of an industrial civilization. The industrial civilization in the form we have is not sustainable (see Civilizations). When it collapses, the bandwidth will decrease again. It will not be possible to maintain the scientific knowledge we have acquired. Culture will shatter into smaller cultures with different world views.


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