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I am just thinking again about graves.

Some time ago, I commented on

  • One should really consider using a mirror for a tombstone 🙂

  • harrie said:July 11, 201322:16

    May be I can contribute to this mirror-tombstone idea by suggesting that you should already make and use this mirror during lifetime. All the people that are close to you and visit your house will look into it; as you do. Visiting your grave will be special because, as always, visitors will see themselfs in the mirror that once mirrored you.

    • nannus said:July 11, 201322:32

      Great Idea!
      We could embed it into some transparent plastic stele (like acrylic glass) for protection.
      People might be motivated to reflect by being reflected.

Thinking about it again, I would really like to have a mirror on my grave. Γνῶθι σεαυτόν.

(The picture is from


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