Who is a Customer?

Many people using Facebook seem to believe they are FBs customers, but they are not.

The customers of FB are the businesses that pay money to FB (for advertizing, putting games or other stuff under people’s noses, etc.). The people who are using facebook are not the customers, they are the raw material that FB uses to make money. They and their private lives.

As non-customers, they have no right to complain about the way FB is treating their content. FB is not servicing them, but the custumoers of FB.

I think oneĀ better keeps out of FB (and similar systems). Personally, I don’t want my life to be used as a raw material mined by such a company. I am on FB to remain contactable for a couple of people who seem to do most of their communication over that platform, but I am no longer posting stuff there.

WP might also put advertizing on my page, but here, at least, I have an option to become their customer. FB is not doing that because then many people would opt out and that would reduce the value of their raw material that they can sell to their customers.


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