Visiting an Old Philosopher

Looking for a destination for a little evening bycicle tour after work, a recent comment on reminded me of Max Scheeler, providing an idea for a little tour. So I decided to ride along the river Rhine, then through some parks (Volksgarten and Vorgebirgspark) to visit Colognes Südfriedhof (southern grave yard), where the old philosopher is residing.

File:Grab Scheler Köln Südfriedhof (Max, Maria, Max Georg) nah.JPG

Unfortunately, I was a bit late, and the old man did not receive me. When I arrived, I just saw the gardener locking the estate for the night, so I might have to return another day (although a visit to the library might be more fruitful in intellectual terms). From there, however, I had a nice ride home through a series of parks left and right of Militärringstraße.

Scheler is considered the founder of a special development in German philosophy of the early 20th century called philosophical anthropology, about which I might wright something at a later time. especially about some ideas developed by Scheler and the other philosophers who are considered to belong here, notably Helmuth Plessner and Arnold Gehlen. These thinkers, while differing massively in their political opinions, share certain ideas I am interested in, especially a concept of “world-openness” (Weltoffenheit) of humans (to use a term introduced by Scheler), a concept that shows similarities and connections to the notion of creativity I am investigating in some of my own philosophical studies. But exploring that connection will have to wait until a later time.

(The picture is from,_Maria,_Max_Georg%29_nah.JPG).


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