Beer Bubbles

File:Beer in glass close up.jpg

While drinking a glass of beer in the evening, let me take the “bubbling of my thoughts” a bit literally. Our civilization can be compared to the foam on the beer. There is a limited amount of resources. A limited amount of gas produces a limited amount of bubbles. The liquid flowing from above through the bubles is inevitably trickling down, causing the bubbles on top to become thiner and thiner until they burst. Initially, there is a large expansion, even an overflow, and for some time, for a bubble in the middle of the foam it might look like its existence could go on forever, with liquid flowing from above and new bubbles rising from below.

But alas, the layer of foam becomes thiner and thiner, and ultimately disappears. Collaps does not come immediately and suddenly (although for the individual bubble, it does), but bit by bit. But after some time, except for a few rests, the foam is gone.

Of course any comparision only goes so far, and the beer will eventually end up in my stomach. Cheers to everybody.

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