Just listening to:

Dom Su Nare Bakh, one of the best tunes on Etoile de Dakar’s fabulous album “Absa Gueye”. I am travelling and don’t have the record at hand where I am at the moment. As far as I remember, it was recorded in Jandeer Nightclub in Dakar in 1978 and published for the first time in 1979. There is a re-edition made in Germany (of which I own a copy) from the 1980s. I think this has also been republished on CD and electronically.

I will have to look up the names of the musicians. I think the tama player is Assane Thiam and one of the “background singers” is Youssou Ndour. The lead singer here is Alla Seck, as far as I remember. I have to look up the other musicians.

This tune gives me goose pimpels, especially the interplay of guitar and tama (small talking drum) starting around 1:30 with the following sax part. Formidable!


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