Just listening to: Ros Sereysothea

I don’t know the exact year of these recording, its is probably from the late 1960s or early 1970s. The singer, Ros Sereysothea, was one of the big stars of Cambodian rock and pop music at the time. She died, probably in 1977 (maybe as late as 1979), but the circumstances of her death are not known exactly. She is one of the many victims of the Khmer Rouge.  I am not sure if anything specific is known about the other musicians who can be heard in these recording. It is likely that they where killed as well. Many recordings from this times, especially the original masters, where lost, some tunes only survived on some old tapes or vinyl records, so the sometimes bad sound quality of these old recordings has to be taken as it is. This tune is a kind of mix of rock and Cambodian music. The instrumentation, especially the Hammond organ (with a remarkable although short solo part) gives it a characteristic 60s/70s feeling. Definitely one of my favorites of Ros Sereysothea. Music worth to be rediscovered.


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