Right and Left


Imagine that in the world around you, including your body and brain, left and right would be suddenly exchanged. You would not be able to notice the change because everything you could compare things to, including your own nervous system, is exchanged by its mirror image.

The way left looks like left and right looks like right would remain the same.

On the other hand. one can imagine a “flipped brain” that would see “your” right in a way you see left and “your” left in a way that you see right.

We could take this as an example of qualia. There must be one way or the other to see left on the left side, and it depends on the structure of the brain in relation to the world. It is a simple example of qualia, since there are only two possibilities.

I would guess that all qualia follow from the structure of the brain (or in general: the observing system) in some fixed way. They are not something arbitrary or ephemeral that could be different or could be missing.

(The image is from https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Mirror.jpg.)


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