“Black” and “White” people

The concepts of being “black” or “white” were invented by racists with the aim of exploiting and enslaving people. I find it really strange that many people who are, according to this questionable classification “black” tend to define their identity as “blacks”. “Black awareness” and “Black Power” do not go far enough. These might be first steps, but eventually we must really stop thinking and perceiving in these strange categories.

People should refuse the concept of being “black” or “white”. The concept of “race” belongs on the trash heap of history. It is simply unnecessary to refer to people and especially to yourself in such terms. The idea to classify people along such distinctions and treat them differently according to such distinctions is one of the most evil and destructive ideas in the history of mankind. Its consequences in history were and still are devestating.

The result of defining oneself in racial terms is a racist worldview. I am using such terms only in quotation marks. I am “white”, my wife is “black” and my daughter is “mixed”, but I am not white, my wife is not black and my daughter is not mixed.


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